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We are a leading global developer and producer of innovative, high-tech tools and machines for the panel building, fabrication, and constructions industries.
We are one of the market leaders in each of our business areas: switch board industry, cutting tools, metal working solutions. We manufacture a broad range of products, for example: busbar cutting-bending and punching devices, Din Rail cutting units, stationary punching machines, metal punching tools and machines, metal core drilling machines, HSS and TCT core drills, metal-saws, band-saws, circular-saws and deburring technology.


Team Effort

Rix Tools has been providing quality products for over 100 years, worldwide.  This couldn't have been possible without the cooperative efforts of our employees and distributors.  We know that our employees are the core of our company, providing unprecedented customer service, repair and sales.
This excellence filters into the way, you, our distributors have trusted the  Rix Tools name and quality.  We are privileged and thankful for the partnership established by our distributors in the US over 40 years ago.  We look forward to continuing this path together with you and our employees for years to follow.

Markets Driven

The technical challenges of the various markets drive innovation.  Our manufacturing technology, process and product line of tools and machines have evolved with these challenges.  Leading the industry in innovative products, Rix Tools strives to deliver the highest possible value and quality to our distributors, allowing them to deliver higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction is our main goal – with solution-orientated, trust-based involvement of our customers, we make this happen day after day!
Modern marketing tools allow us to gauge our customers' satisfaction with the services we provide and the value we deliver.